We are a Y Combinator-backed team with extensive experience reducing fraud and improving conversion from our work at Uber.

We have technical expertise in deep learning and mobile engineering.

Julia Zheng, CEO

B.S. Economics, The Wharton School

Julia is responsible for implementing Dyneti's vision and day-to-day management decisions. At Uber, Julia founded the fraud analytics teams for Account Security and UberEATS. Julia graduated with honors from The Wharton School, where she concentrated in finance and statistics.

When not working, Julia enjoys surfing and reading.

Lena Evans, CTO

Ph.D. Physics, UC Berkeley

Lena leads development of Dyneti's products. At Uber, Lena built and shipped the first deep learning model in a production Uber app. In a past life, Lena developed the first rigorous way to measure nonneutral plasma temperatures as part of her physics Ph.D. dissertation from Berkeley.

When not coding, Lena enjoys classical guitar and gourmet cooking.

About us

We're bringing authenticity back to the internet, starting with making digital payments as seamless and secure as physical payments.
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