General iOS Integration Guide (Static Framework)

DyScan can be integrated as a static framework. If you would rather integrate DyScan using CocoaPods, click here.

In your project's general settings, include libDyScanStatic.a and libtensorflow-lite.a. Also, make sure that these are in the "Link Binary With Libraries" phase of the Build Phases.

Include the files in DyScanStatic/include/DyScanStatic in the "Copy Bundle Resources" phase of the Build Phases.

In your project's build settings, include the DyScanSatic directory path into "Header Search Paths" and "Import Paths." In "Library Search Paths," include the DyScanStatic directory and the DyScanStatic/usr/local/include directory.

Note, if your project is written in Swift, you will need to add the following to your bridging header:

#import "DyScan-Bridging-Header.h"

Even if your project is written entirely in Swift, you will still need to add a bridging header and make a blank Objective-C file to ensure that Xcode compiles everything properly.

DyScan should be integrated properly now. See this guide on how to interface with it.

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