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Boost conversion, reduce fraud

DyScan is the market-leading credit card scanner that works on all credit cards.

With our fast and easy integration, businesses can boost payment conversion by over 5% and reduce fraud by over 50% with only an hour of engineering work.

DyScan is available as a mobile SDK as well as a web API.

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We facilitate payments and minimize fraud.
As you can imagine, not all our champions can reveal their secret weapon.
Read from the ones that have

We migrated from a legacy card scanning solution to DyScan, and we couldn’t be happier. Our integration was quick and painless, and we had DyScan’s engineering team available to us at a moments notice. We’re still blown away by the performance of the product!

Matt BanachEngineering Manager at Gametime

You made it so simple. DyScan enhanced the experience of our users, increased the conversion rate and allowed us to reduce fraud. Love the team. Terrific product - high fives guys!

Warren GRappi Pay Product Owner

Using DyScan in our checkout flow allowed us to boost conversion by 4%. Support for the product is great and we enjoy working with the Dyneti team.

Miko MVP of Product Gametime

The volunteers who use our app love using DyScan because of how fast it is. It's so impressive that we've actually gotten a couple of jaw drops when we show off the scanner. Ultimately it's helped improve the speed of our payment processing by about 2x, so it's a big win for us.

Conway YingChief Product Officer, Yoinki

Julia and team are a delight to work with! With DyScan we were able to add card scanning and fraud detection functionality with minimal effort. Building trust is key for a marketplace like MyRent and DyScan helps us on that front. I'm excited for all the upcoming updates on DyScan!

Ishwar DhanukaMyRent

We have been very happy since finding DyScan's PCI-compliant card scanning solution. It has been very reliable, super fast to integrate and improved our customer experience. The DyScan team have been very supportive. Highly recommend.

Fiona O'MahoneyHead of Technology at mCards

It’s fast

DyScan reduces the time required to input payment information by over 90%.

It works on every card

Scans 100% of credit card formats, including cards with flat numbers, numbers on the back, embossed numbers, vertical cards, and everything else

It reduces fraud

Make stolen credit card and account takeover fraud a thing of the past by verifying the physical presence of a card.

Simple. Seamless. Secure.


Integrate DyScan into your default payment add flow.

Credit card SDK Scanner


Ask your customers to hold their payment card up to the smartphone camera.

Ask your customers to hold their payment card up to the smartphone camera.


The payment information populates quickly and accurately.

The payment information populates quickly and accurately


DyScan instantly validates that the card is non-fraudulent.

DyScan instantly validates that the card is non-fraudulent.


You get more good transactions, while bad actors are blocked.

Features built for you

DyScan is powered by state-of-the-art deep learning technology, and extracts data from any type of card with unrivalled accuracy and speed. It works in all lighting and network conditions. Other core benefits include:
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Small binary size

Compressed SDK is less than 1.0MB on iOS and Android.

PCI compliant by design

PA-DSS and PCI-DSS level 1 compliant.

Easy integration

It takes less than an hour to integrate DyScan.


DyScan is available as a mobile SDK or web API.