A Credit Card Scanning SDK to Prevent Fraud and Boost Conversion.

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Meet DyScan

The market-leading card scanning SDK.
Integrate DyScan to improve payment conversion by over 5% and reduce fraud by over 50%.



Reduce time required to input payment information by over 65%


Works on any card

Scans 100% of credit card formats, including cards with flat numbers, numbers on the back, embossed numbers, vertical cards, and everything else


Reduce fraud

Verify that a payment card is physically present to prevent stolen credit card and account takeover fraud

Product features

Small binary size

Compressed SDK is only 1.0MB on iOS and Android

PCI compliant by design

Card images are never stored or transmitted

Easy integration

Takes less than an hour to integrate


We migrated from a legacy card scanning solution to DyScan, and we couldn’t be happier. Our integration was quick and painless, and we had DyScan’s engineering team available to us at a moments notice. We’re still blown away by the performance of the product!

Matt B., Engineering Manager


You made it so simple. DyScan enhanced the experience of our users, increased the conversion rate and allowed us to reduce fraud. Love the team. Terrific product - high fives guys!

Warren G., Rappi Pay Product Owner

Using DyScan in our checkout flow allowed us to boost conversion by 4%. Support for the product is great and we enjoy working with the Dyneti team.

Miko M., VP of Product