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Fast track to loyalty: Keep customers coming back with convenient checkouts

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Mobile shopping has redefined retail.

With 91% of consumers making online purchases on their smartphones and mobile commerce expected to account for nearly 45% of all e-commerce sales in 2024, mobile-first experiences aren’t a nice-to-have for retailers—they’re imperative.

As businesses rush to dominate the mobile shopping landscape, brands have to provide seamless, personalized experiences on mobile platforms to acquire and retain customers.

The stakes are high. In today’s do-more-with-less economy, increasing customer loyalty is a lifeline for retailers, offering a cost-effective way to secure a stable revenue stream, foster organic growth through word-of-mouth, and carve out a sustainable competitive edge in a saturated market.

The high cost of checkout complexity

Customers have high expectations for speed during the mobile checkout process. Accenture found that 87% of online shoppers abandon their carts if checkout is too complex, even if the process is prolonged by just a few seconds. The business implications are staggering. An estimated $260 billion worth of lost orders are preventable through better checkout flows.

It’s not just that one experience or lost purchase. Studies show that when online shoppers abandon a checkout process due to complexity, 55% will abandon the retailer completely. We know that customer loyalty hinges on a first purchase. A positive initial experience can lead to repeat purchases, recommendations, and a higher lifetime value for the customer.

To win the fight for mobile shoppers, brands have to simplify their checkout process.


Customers purchasing on smartphones


Mobile commerce as a share of total e-commerce sales


Card abandonment with complex checkout


Retail abandonment with complex checkout

Short-term gains + long-term profits with advanced card readers

Integrating a credit card scanner is one way to significantly reduce complexity and speed up the checkout process. In an era where every second counts, card readers like Dyneti can reduce the time required to input payment information by over 90%, increasing payment conversion while even reducing fraud.

Customers inherently favor businesses that value their time and ensure their security. A frictionless checkout process creates a seamless, hassle-free experience that resonates with the customer’s need for convenience and trust. The dual focus advanced card readers provide on speed and security meets today’s shopper demands head-on, leading to instant improvements in customer satisfaction and, subsequently, sales.

Retailers benefit from an immediate uplift in conversions while fostering customer loyalty and contributing to long-term growth.

Boost conversion and increase loyalty today

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