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Integrate DyScan with VGS Collect.js or VGS Collect mobile SDKs. Once integrated, you will be able to securely collect credit card data from your users via forms without having to have that data pass through your systems (example). Learn how to integrate with VGS Collect.js here.

If you have any questions along the way, please Contact Us or refer to the Dyneti resources.

About VGS

Very Good Security (VGS) is a data security company that enables startups and enterprises to operate on sensitive data without the cost or liability of securing the data themselves. VGS intercepts data in motion then replaces it with aliases, which companies can operate on as they would the original data. This lets incumbents and innovators work together more quickly and effectively without increasing their liability or risk.

Integrate DyScan with VGS

Integrate DyScan with VGS by refering to the Integration Resources.

Integration Docs

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© Dyneti Technologies, Inc. 2019

© Dyneti Technologies, Inc. 2019